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      11 products

      11 products

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      When the cold weather decides to set in, just like everyone else, you will need the right outfit to face it. Ladies are already wearing their sweaters, scarves or coats to keep warm. As for the gentlemen, you're probably wondering what to wear to get through the cold days and icy evenings ahead in style and taste. So, why don't you opt for the men's poncho?

      The mens poncho: what is it?

      Originally from North and South America, the poncho is worn by both men and women. It is as much appreciated by outdoor sports enthusiasts as by city dwellers for its spacious and simple shape, similar to a large cape split in the middle to let the head through. Whether it's for a streetwear, dressy or casual look, the mens poncho is a perfect ally to stand out. It can be found in different styles, making it a versatile piece of clothing in a man's wardrobe.

      The poncho is an outdoor garment, specially designed to keep the body at a good temperature by protecting it from the cold and wind. It can be waterproof or not, depending on the materials used and the purpose of the model. It is a large piece of fabric with a wide opening for inserting the head and may or may not have a hood. Its ample, fluid shape and its sometimes asymmetrical cut-outs make it possible to camouflage the curves with style.

      How to wear a men's poncho?

      There are countless models on the market that all meet a different need. Thus, the poncho for men is declined in several varieties, and this, from the traditional models to those of creators and designers. Therefore, it is a fashion garment increasingly in vogue by its flexibility and diversity of styles to combine, it allows you to shape your appearance as you see fit. Some models can have a baggy cut and others have a simple straight cut with or without buttoning. You can find the style that best suits your wardrobe and match it perfectly with the rest of your wardrobe.

      For a streetwear style

      If you're more of a sweatshirt and sneaker person than a shirt and shoes person, then the mens poncho should appeal to you. Take an interest in the hooded models that have been successful in recent years with the emergence of streetwear fashion. A type of poncho that will easily replace your sweater or hoodie by giving you incomparable mobility and a casual look. You can also choose an oversized size to wear it wide, add to it a long tee-shirt and accessories (cap, jewels and so on).

      All sizes, colours and lengths are available to suit everyone. It will easily replace a vest or a jacket when temperatures drop and will be appreciated by rainy wheater.

      For a classic style

      If you are not comfortable with extravagance and prefer to stick to a casual and traditional look, you can opt for a simpler poncho that you can wear with all your outfits. Match it with jeans or trousers, slim or not, depending on your preferences. You can choose a pair of ankle boots or low top shoes that you can match with the rest of your outfit. When it comes to choosing a top, a solid-colored T-shirt or a casual plaid shirt can do the trick.

      Depending on your body type

      Short men

      For someone of small size, it is not recommended to choose a model too wide. Indeed, wrapping yourself in lengths of fabric risks compressing the silhouette and creating an undesirable volume. Try to favour short models, even close to the body, so that your silhouette is fleshed out and the poncho brings a chic dimension to the look.

      With curves

      If you have some curves that you want to hide, the poncho is by far one of the best garments you can find. Go for a slightly loose-fitting style that is not only remarkably comfortable, but will do the trick. However, be careful not to choose a product that is too voluminous, which in this case would have the opposite effect!

      Large size with a slim figure

      For tall men with a slim figure, there are a number of possibilities. You can wear large or medium size models without any problem, as well as the width of your poncho, whether it is wide or close to the body. However, try not to go too far towards short cuts, they could make you look more slender.