Kids poncho towel

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      9 products

      The usual bath towels are sometimes rough, which leaves marks on the skin. This is not ideal for children's delicate skin. Fortunately, there are some very soft and comfortable accessories that allow your child to have a good time even after the bath. Ponchos have been a big part of the fashion scene for a number of years now, and the same is true of bath accessories. What can we say about them for babies and children?

      Poncho towel for children and babies

      The kids poncho towel wraps your baby in a soft cocoon after his or her bath. The material of manufacture, which is mainly cotton, is very soft which preserves the skin during drying. This material makes it possible to have a comfortable and cosy accessory in which your baby can even rest in a dry place after the bath. The integrated hood keeps your baby's head in a soft and restful environment in all circumstances. It can be used both indoors and outdoors, providing comfort and well-being for all types of bathing. Very easy to put on, it will protect your little one from the cold as soon as he gets out of the water, giving him precious moments of relaxation, without fear of hypothermia. The cut is loose so that your child can wear it easily and feel comfortable, without any discomfort in movement. Light and soft, it will ensure a quick drying without attacking the skin in any way. Very practical, it can be used in all seasons for daily use at home.

      More than a simple accessory, making the dreaded after-bath moment pleasant for your child, it will allow him to move with ease and does not wear out. The ultra-absorbent fabric will provide soothing effects and make the chore of drying off a thing of the past. In order to make your child happy, you will need to determine, among other things:

      • The age of your child
      •  The ideal material
      •  Its usefulness
      •  And the perfect size

      Available in different variants with all kinds of patterns and illustrations, there will be something to make the whole family smile.